Deoiler Hydrocyclones

Separon™ Deoilers effectively remove oil from water using centrifugal-action. The Deoiler hydrocyclones, liners represent the state of the art in primary Produced Water Treatment technology. Unlike conventional hydrocyclones, we supply advanced, technology-based products that offer solutions to the oil & gas industry from the wellhead and downhole.

Separon™ DEOILER, key features:

  • Stable oil core provides higher separation performance.
  • No moving parts; saves maintenance time and cost.
  • Low and steady pressure loss saves energy and provides predictable flow rates and operating system.
  • Designed to handle slugging, upset situation and high solids loading provides predictable operating system.
  • Enhanced inlet ports for optimum oil recovery.
  • Choice of profiles to accommodate space and piping limitation making for an easy layout and installation.
  • Systems and skidded units available.
  • Light weight and small footprint.
  • Not affected by fluctuations in motion (suitable for FPSOs).
  • Annular axial inlets reduce turbulence.
  • Multiple inlets improve wear resistance.
  • Involute can be inspected without liner disassembly.

Technical Features:

Multiple inlets and Core Stabilizing Shield:

  • For superior hydraulic stability that produces a straight oil core.
  • For higher removal efficiencies.
  • For higher turndown ratios.

Adjustable overflow orifice:

  • For higher removal efficacies.
  • For variable and/or increasing oil volumes.

Heating capability:

  • For higher removal productivities.

Solids removal option:

  • Solids separation option allows our deoiling hydrocyclone to separate and removes solids in slurry form.

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