Manual Samplers

Mechatest manufacturer of Liquid & Gas sampling systems for the bio-fuel industry as well the petrochemical on & offshore industry.

  • Bio-Fuel market
  • Hydrocarbon sampling
  • Hydrogen sampling
  • Hydrogen / Oxygen measurement (analysis) systems
  • FPSO Application
  • Steam & Water Analysis Systems (SWAS)

Technical Features

Wetted parts 316SS and available in exotic Alloy materials or chemical resistance plastics

  • Replaceable Needle assemblies for Process and Vent needle, independent to choose in smaller or larger size
  • Replaceable bottle holders makes the sampler very flexible, possibility to change later from bottle volume
  • Bottle adapters for client and Dopak bottles
  • Aditional, bottle safety sleeves and spring
    return handles on valves

For typical Specifications please download the Technical Brochure



  • Single phase liquid samples
  • Toxic liquid samples
  • Dangerous liquid samples
  • Volatile liquid samples
  • Mostly refined (commercial) gas oil, diesel oil,fuels, lubricating oil
  • Water / condensate samples (tap, brackish, saline, demi)

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Please fill the form and download the Technical Sheet

Please fill the form and download the Technical Sheet