Visual Process Analyzer

Process Imaging invented and developed patented online video imaging analyzers for identifying and measuring the discrete contaminants in liquids.
Process Imaging manufactures a range of products based around these technologies. ViPA is the market leading technology for produced water and injection water quality monitoring in the oil and gas sectors, simultaneously providing data.

  • Oil droplet size
  • Oil concentration
  • Solid particle size
  • Solid concentration

Main Technical Features

  • Real-time & accurate measurement
  • Measure H2S in crude, water, diesel, etc.
  • Specific to H2S only, no false positives ever
  • No field calibrations required
  • No liquid sample conditioning required
  • No sample filters required
  • Only one tap-point needed for sample exit and return (when pitot probe is utilized)
  • Fast response time
  • Proven reliability
  • Conformity to ASTM methods
  • Set in-line at process pressure and flow

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Please fill the form and download the Technical Sheet