Colorimeter/Haze – Optical Interface

The KAM® CHA™ Colorimeter/Haze Analyzer

In refined petroleum products, color variations indicate impurities and/or the presence of trace water or haze. This contamination can be a significant liability as color differentiation can be easily detected by the end user. The CHA Colorimeter/Haze Analyzer is the ideal qualitative solution for monitoring both the color of refined products, including those with added dyes, and the presence of haze or turbidity in pipelines following the refining process. In addition, it can be used as quality control with water treatment.

Utilizing a unique 5-LED design, the CHA detects color variations within 1%, and unlike most colorimeters, it can detect the entire range of visible color as defined by CIE 1931 (International Commission on Illumination). Final color measurement can be expressed as haze plus three color (X, Y, Z) or one of several industry-standard color scales including, Saybolt, Platinum and Cobalt, and ASTM.

Turbidity or haze measurement allows refineries and pipeline operators to identify and redirect non-conforming batches.


The Optical Interface Detector has been the preferred sensor for interface detection between refined products since its inception in 2000. Like eyes in the pipe, it provides accurate, real-time data on product interface even when density does not change between products, allowing operators to make cuts with confidence and significantly reduce product downgrade and/or transmix.

Fiber optics within the patented optical probe respond to the absorption, fluorescence, and refractive properties of the fluid, and the combined return signal is then turned into an “optical signature,” recognizing qualitative changes in pipeline fluids.

The OID is designed for minimal maintenance and ongoing ease of use. Long-lasting LED light sources ensure long-term, stable performance and minimal power consumption. All electronics are located in an explosion-proof enclosure directly on the end of the probe for a complete and compact unit with maximum installation flexibility.

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