Desander Hydrocyclones

Separon™ Desanders effectively remove solids from liquids using centrifugal-action.
The Desanders uses centrifugal-action for liquids and gas. The Desanding Hydrocyclone uses energy from the flow stream to achieve cyclonic separation of solids.

Separon™ Desanders

  • No moving parts, minimal to zero liquid loss, and low (0.2-0.8 bar) and steady system pressure drop
  • Patented Swirlex internal accelerating slots for optimum solids-removal performance
  • Patented internal Vortube for enhanced separation and collection
  • In-line inlet and outlet configuration for simplified piping
  • ASME code stamped, section VIII, Div I
  • ANSI flanged inlet and outlet connections; DIN and other connections available
  • Carbon Steel construction with special coatings and other materials available

EHC Desanding Hydrocyclones

  • Duel Inlet
  • High Capacity, High Efficiency
  • Multiphase capabilities (gas, liquid). Multiphase systems (15,000 psi and 100% gas flow)
  • Fine separations; effluents down to a d98 of 10 μm
  • Tough ceramic inserts and materials to guard against erosion and corrosion. The material used is Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide.
  • ASME code stamped (Div I & Div II)
  • Continuous or intermittent discharge
  • Stand-alone equipment or complete skid packages
  • Flexible operation for variations in rates