H2S-Sulphur Compounds-VOC In Gas Analyzer

CHROMATOTEC is specialized in the manufacturing of online gas analysers, monitoring of sulphurs compounds and VOC in Hazardous zones. The system uses proven Gas Chromatography technology, the quality and performance of our systems has been recognised worldwide with recognition from Standard Organisations such as ISO, ASTM and CSA.

The MEDOR® Exp or Exd from CHROMATOTEC® offers continuous, online analysis of sulfur compounds from concentrations as low as 1 ppb in natural and biogas feeds.

Sulfur compounds analysis. Total or speciated compound results. H2S, methyl mercaptan, ethyl mercaptan, THT, TBM, NPM, SBM, IPM, DMS, DMDS are all analyzed by the MEDOR®

ASTM D7493-08 Standard Test Method for Online Measurement of Sulfur Compounds in Natural Gas and Gaseous Fuels by Gas Chromatograph and Electrochemical Detection

Electrochemical detection.  The use of our sulfur specific electochemical cell ensures no interference of results.

Internal calibration system.  All MEDOR® instruments are supplied with internal calibration by permeation tube. Results are thus automatically valid

EExd Version

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