Solid Transport System

Separon™   Solids Transport System

Solids Handling

The Separon™ Solids Transport System is a compact fluidization and solids transport solution. Designed to replace conventional sparging systems, this device has been optimized to achieve maximum coverage over the vessel floor for efficient removal of solids.

How it works

Separon Solids Transport Systems can be designed to cover all or part of a vessel. As produced water flows through the system, fluid is fed tangentially to the inlet section of the unit and directed downwards. The vessel is swept clean using a low energy flow cyclonic pattern that lifts and fluidizes the solids. Rotational acceleration draws solids into the center of the system where they exit through discharge piping connected to the base of the vessel.


Cost Saving

  • Economic solution for replacement of sand jetting systems
  • No moving parts minimizes internal blockages and maintenance costs

Better Performance

  • Higher discharge concentration
  • Lower feed pressure eliminates vessel wall erosion and nozzle plugging
  • Minimizes sand carryover problems
  • Minimizes re-entrainment of sand and emulsions

High Flexibility

  • Online and offline operation
  • Manifolds constructed to client specifications
  • Less intrusive tank sand pans and high-volume, high-pressure jetting operations
  • The resultant slurry can be up to 70% by weight solids