VOC in Water Analyzer

  • Better resolution and improved Lower
    Detectable Limit (LDL) — single digit
    ppb measurement
  • Graphical user interface with touch
    screen including trend graphs for VOC,
    flow, pressure, temperature, etc
  • Expanded fail / diagnostics alarm
    including low carrier air flow alarm, low
    sample flow alarm, low pressure alarm,
    low temperature alarm, sensor failure
    alarm, and more (if Options Package
  • Includes Ethernet TCP/IP and Rs-485
    Modbus (if Options Package purchased)
  • Option for remote access to analyzer
    via webpage or mobile device
  • Remote control and/or automatic
    Validation System by Permtube (if
    Options Package purchased)

Note: The Validation System by Permtube is an integrated system that allows for quick, on-board validation of the analyzer. With G2 (HMI) it can be performed at the analyzer, from the control room, or automatically based on a timer set at the HMI.