H2S in Liquid Analyzers

KECO measures H2S in crude, condensate, oil and other opaque liquids. No ‘false positives’ The only detection method specific to H2S only, proven by thousands of applications Ultra low-maintenance Advanced Colorimetric-Rateometric Detector is guaranteed hassle-free for long term operation Dependable operation No sample conditioning required; no filters, no pressure regulators, no pumps required No field […]

Manual Samplers

Mechatest manufacturer of Liquid & Gas sampling systems for the bio-fuel industry as well the petrochemical on & offshore industry. Bio-Fuel market Hydrocarbon sampling Hydrogen sampling Hydrogen / Oxygen measurement (analysis) systems FPSO Application Steam & Water Analysis Systems (SWAS)

Deoiler Hydrocyclones

Separon™ Deoilers effectively remove oil from water using centrifugal-action. The Deoiler hydrocyclones, liners represent the state of the art in primary Produced Water Treatment technology. Unlike conventional hydrocyclones, we supply advanced, technology-based products that offer solutions to the oil & gas industry from the wellhead and downhole. Separon™ DEOILER, key features: Stable oil core provides […]

Solid Transport System

The Separon™ Solids Transport System is a compact fluidization and solids transport solution. Designed to replace conventional sparging systems, this device has been optimized to achieve maximum coverage over the vessel floor for efficient removal of solids. How it works Separon Solids Transport Systems can be designed to cover all or part of a vessel. […]