Visual Process Analyzer

Process Imaging invented and developed patented online video imaging analyzers for identifying and measuring the discrete contaminants in liquids. Process Imaging manufactures a range of products based around these technologies. ViPA is the market leading technology for produced water and injection water quality monitoring in the oil and gas sectors, simultaneously providing data. Oil droplet […]

UV-Visible Spectroscopy Analyzers

Sample absorption spectrum is treated using the Fourier Transform Least Square mathematical treatment (FTLS) in order to extract the spectrum corresponding to each element to be monitored.

GC for Sulfur Compounds

Chromatotec is specialized in the manufacturing of online gas analysers, monitoring of sulphurs compounds and VOC in Hazardous zones. The system uses proven Gas Chromatography technology, the quality and performance of our systems has been recognised worldwide with recognition from Standard Organisations such as ISO, ASTM and CSA.

Desander Hydrocyclones

Separon™ Desanders effectively remove solids from liquids using centrifugal-action. The Desanders uses centrifugal-action for liquids and gas. The Desanding Hydrocyclone uses energy from the flow stream to achieve cyclonic separation of solids. Separon™ Desanders No moving parts, minimal to zero liquid loss, and low (0.2-0.8 bar) and steady system pressure drop Patented Swirlex internal accelerating […]